Agriculture App

Here you can find weather information that outdoor crop growers, contractors and farmers need in every day practise. It is different from your standard weather forecast as it shows weather information at crop level.
mobile forecast 5-6 days
mobile forecast 9-12 days
mobile forecast next 12 hours
mobile current weather

    • Besides weather information at crop level, you can find detailed information on all major crop diseases and praying conditions but moreover information on the effect of crop protection agents. It gives you an insight into the role of temperature, humidity, precipitation and leaf wetness on pests and diseases and the effect of these weather parameters on the uptake, adhesion and transport of crop protection agents.
    • This app available for free, but you will need a WeatherOnline web account to log in. If you are not a WeatherOnline customer and don't have web account, you can request one via:
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