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Bad Kreuznach Weather

  Mo Jul 06 Tu Jul 07 We Jul 08 Th Jul 09
15°C 10°C 13°C 15°C
21°C 23°C 21°C 26°C
various clouds , isolated showers few clouds  various clouds  overcast , light rain
mostly sunny  mostly sunny  various clouds , light rain various clouds
various clouds  mostly sunny  cloudy , light rain various clouds
various clouds , isolated showers various clouds  cloudy , rain mostly sunny
Last updated: Mon 06 Jul 21:04 NZST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Bad Kreuznach - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Bad Kreuznach Distance
Bad Sobernheim 17.2 km
Ingelheim 19.3 km
Alzey 22.2 km
Kirchheimbolanden 23.1 km
Simmern 29.1 km
Mainz 34.1 km
Bad Schwalbach 36.3 km
Wiesbaden 37.8 km
Enkenbach-Alsenborn 40.9 km
Worms 43.3 km
Hahn 44.4 km
Groß-Gerau 44.9 km
Kaiserslautern 46.9 km
Kusel 47.4 km
Hofheim 49.2 km
Frankenthal 50.4 km
Lampertheim 51.4 km
Palatinate Forest 52.4 km
Morbach 54.0 km
Idar-Oberstein 55.0 km
Taunus 55.8 km
Egelsbach 56.1 km
Geisenheim 56.2 km
Ludwigshafen 56.9 km
Neustadt an der Weinstraße 59.3 km
Mannheim 59.5 km
Neuostheim/Neuhermsheim 59.5 km
Heppenheim 60.2 km

Forecast: Bad Kreuznach Region

Expect a mix of sun and clouds in the days to come. Especailly on Tuesday sunny periods increase. However,Wednesday some rain is to be expected. It's getting warmer - the temperature rises from 21 degrees on Wednesday to 26 degrees on Thursday.


Bad Kreuznach

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