Europe forecast - July 24, 2024
Hot in western Europe
Rain in the east

Issued: 0530hrs Wednesday 24th July 2024
Duty forecaster: Dominik Majer

Hot & sunny in Iberia, wet in eastern & northern Europe

Sunny and hot for Spain, Portugal, Balearics and other mediterranean islands. Hot with sun in Italy, thundery shower across the Appenines and the Alps. Some thundery showers also in Greek mainland, islands cloud-free. Intense thunderstorms moving across the Balkans. Mostly dry and sunny in Turkey, some showers on the northern coast.
Warm and sunny in France and in the Low Countries. Morning rain in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland, fading during the day, becoming sunny there in the afternoon. Thundery showers across Poland, as well as eastern parts of Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. Heavy thunderstorms in Romania.
Mostly dry and partly sunny in Denmark. Showers in Sweden, these also frequent in Norway. Clouds and rain in western Finland, sunny toward the east. Cloudy and showery in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Staying hot and sunny in Spain, Portugal, Balearics, and Sicilia. Some showers in Italy, but mainly over the mountains, same for Corsica and Sardinia. Brief showers also in central and eastern Greece. Hot, mostly sunny, but local showers in Turkey. Rain in Bulgaria and Romania, mostly dry in western Balkans.
Warm and mostly sunny in France. Cloudy in Germany and the Low Countries, showers in the Netherlands and western Germany. Wet and cloudy in eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Mostly sunny and dry in Austria, Switzerland and other central European countries.
Cloudy but dry in Denmark, mix of sun, clouds and rain for Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic Countries.

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