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Europe forecast - September 15, 2021
Unsettled central Europe
Improving in west

Issued: 0530hrs Wednesday 15th September 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Heavy rain pushing into central Europe affecting the Baltic region too.

Heavy and thundery rain over mainland Spain as well as the Balearics continues on Tuesday. Showery rain less so across Portugal but nontheless showers still about. Showers possible for Corsica but mainly dry across Sardinia, Italy and Sicily. A dry and fine day for Greece. Thundery showers affecting Turkey.
Showery rain in southern and eastern parts of France. These too affecting Switzerland. Some showers across north Austria. Any showery rain largely clearing the Low Countries and moving into northern and central regions of Germany, heavy and thudnery for some. A few showers across west Poland. Dry through the Balkan States.
A deteriorating scene across Denmark with thundery, heavy rain moving in here. Largely dry and fine for Norway and Sweden as well as Finaldn. Largely dry and fine for the Baltics althouugh cloud thickening across Lithuania later.

A drier and much improved day for Portugal. Still showers affecting Spain these becoming confined further east and will affect the Balearic Islands also. Mostly dry across Italy, although northern regions seeing heavy spells of rain, this perhaps affecting Corsica too. Largely dry for Greece and west Turkey.
Showery rain in southern and eastern parts of France still, heavy in the east. Outbreaks of heavy rain through Switzerland and into Austria. Eastern regions of Germany wet with rain, this also affecting west Poland and west areas of the Czech Republic. Dry and fine for the Low Countries inot west Germany.
Still showery rain affecting Denmark today but the heavier rain clearing and moving east across southern Sweden and into the Baltic region. Some showers for Norway but mainly dry. Mostly dry and fine for Finland but southern regions clouding over later.

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