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Forecast: Fr, 18.08.2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cities: 41 (42) Temp. Weather
Banja Luka 34°C  sunny
Bihać 33°C  sunny
Bijeljina 33°C  sunny
Bileća 33°C  mostly sunny
Bjelašnica 16°C  mostly sunny
Bosanska Krupa 33°C  sunny
Bosanski Petrovac 29°C  various clouds
Brčko 33°C  sunny
Bugojno 30°C  mostly sunny
Cazin 32°C  sunny
Doboj 32°C  sunny
Foča 36°C  isolated showers and thunderstorms
Glamoč 31°C  mostly sunny
Goražde 30°C  mostly sunny
Gračanica 32°C  sunny

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