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Forecast: Mo, 26.06.2017, New Zealand

Cities: 282 (282) Temp. Weather
Abel Tasman National Park 13°C  mostly sunny
Ahipara 16°C  cloudy
Akaroa 12°C  mostly sunny
Alexandra 7°C  overcast
Anchorite Rock 15°C  mostly sunny
Arthur's Pass 7°C  various clouds
Arthur's Pass National Park 7°C  various clouds
Ashburton 10°C  mostly sunny
Atafu 29°C  showers
Auckland 15°C  various clouds
Balclutha 9°C  overcast
Baylys Beach 16°C  cloudy
Bay of Islands 16°C  various clouds
Bay of Plenty 16°C  mostly sunny
Blenheim 11°C  mostly sunny

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New Zealand - Blenheim

  Mo Jun 26 Tu Jun 27 We Jun 28 Th Jun 29
Tmin 6°C 6°C 7°C 7°C
Tmax 11°C 13°C 12°C 11°C
a.m. mostly sunny  overcast  cloudy  various clouds
p.m. mostly sunny  overcast  overcast  mostly sunny
evening various clouds  overcast  various clouds  few clouds
Last updated: Mon 26 Jun 02:46 NZST